Country, Realty and my Journal.

‘Our Country’ has been most energetic on a high spirited positive movement for quite some time.
Economic transformation of it has been through sound reforms and this has led to greater investments and positive growth, offering greater opportunities in the Realty Sector.
Improved growth and greater employment opportunities in the urban regions have led to cities becoming a invitation for all with the lure of a better life. India’s urban population grew from 290 million in 2001 to about 377 million in 2011 and is projected to go beyond 590 million by 2030!! Which is twice that of entire USA’s population today, which is about 315 million.

As an outcome of this explosion, accelerated development is happening to provide housing and employment in urban areas. New cities are being formed and those already existing are expanding both in circumference and verticality. Triggering an increased demand in residential, commercial as well as in the hospitality/ service sectors.
Indian Realty Industry is thriving and is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Experts claim that the growth opportunities in the Indian Property market is going to attract many major investors in the years to come, thereby providing a mammoth boost to the Indian economy.
However, the Realty Industry is still at the budding stage and remains largely unorganised. It is still a fertile ground for the corrupt and is looked down upon for its attribute to absorb a lot of Black Money.
Beyond this, the Indian Realty Industry is going to be magical, quite cryptic and equally beautiful. Depending on how we play the game, we may either multiply our wealth or lose it. Do join me in my efforts to understand the ground realities, as I share them with you in a journal, as I discover them along. Share, if you found the above interesting!!

2 thoughts on “Country, Realty and my Journal.

  1. Prasanna Rajashekarappa

    Great initiative Naved. Happy to share my views as and when i receive the news letter.



    1. Post author

      Thanks Prasanna. Glad you liked it. I am always open to your point of view!!
      Naveed Mehdi


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